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Supreme Living™ Pet Waste Management

Supreme Living LLC™ is the industry leader in managing pet waste for communities, homeowners associations, apartments, and condominiums. We specialize in complete pet dog waste station management from installation to maintenance, even supplies. Our team also offers common area cleaning with our community pooper scooper and goose poop removal services. Supreme Living LLC™ has all the supplies you need including dog poop bags, bag dispensers and dog waste bins. We are dedicated to providing pet waste education for communities of all sizes. Our team works alongside community managers to create an effective and affordable pet waste management plan to meet the community’s needs.

Pet Waste Station Components

To start, pet waste stations have four main parts:

  • Waste receptacle: Where the waste goes. This part of the dog waste station holds a large plastic liner, which holds the dog waste residents drop off.
  • Station post: The backbone of a pet waste station. Every part of the station is secured to this post.
  • Bag dispenser: Holds fresh dog poop bags (or “litter bags”). These bags are what the pet owner will use to pick up after their dog. Most dispensers are made to hold one of two types of bags:  “header style bags” or “Roll-style bags”
  • Station sign: A reminder sign located atop your station, encouraging owners to take a bag and pick up after their pets.

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With innovative resources to keep communities pet waste free, Supreme Living LLC™ has tested almost every pet waste bag and pet waste station over the years. We used our certified green cleaning and non toxic resources to create a supreme and high quality service to help you make the best pet waste management decision for your community.

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